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Our Uniformed Security Guard Division was developed to address your specific security needs. These uniformed or business attired armed or unarmed security officers are deployed to provide security guard services at a variety of locations and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Our armed security guards as well as our unarmed security guards are provided training by current and retired law enforcement certified trainers. Our Security officers are not only trained in the physical aspects of security, they are also trained to patrol your property with a community policing mindset. We also teach the art of verbal judo to utilize when attempting to diffuse conflict. Depending on your needs, our security officers can perform a number of duties, these include:

Foot Patrols

Vehicle Patrols

Resident and Employee Escorts from building to parking lot

Greeting Customers

Video Monitoring

Crowd Control


People often make mistakes or don’t take the time to secure properly. This is because security is not on their mind. Choose the company where your security is always on our mind.

Some example security patrol programs are

- Building integrity patrol ( external and/or internal patrol )

- Anti-loitering program

- After hours employee escorts

- Vacation or family event watch

- Night production watch

- Lock and unlock facilities

- Crossing guard

Random mobile security patrols along with effective property signage create a strong deterrent at a lower cost than full time on site security. There is no ‘down time” or ‘standing around”.

We offer the flexibility to tailor our mobile patrols to need your security requirements with the agility to change the days and the frequency


Over the past number of years Alarm Response has been transitioned from Police to Private Security. An added bonus is that we act as key holders when responding to an alarm signal. We attend the alarm when dispatched by the respective monitoring company, and verify the cause of the alarm. We work with any Alarm Company to provide this service. The change to Marshal National Security Services Alarm Response Services is as easy as a phone call.

Alarm Response times vary due to weather, traffic and volume thus are unpredictable, but we strive to provide a quick response while observing the traffic laws, as we do not have the privilege of Emergency Response such as Police, EMS or Fire Services respectively.

In the case of an actual Break and Enter (B&E), we will notify the proper authorities and secure the scene for possible forensics analysis. Prevention of break and enters is a specialty that we work with our key holding clients to minimize and reduce the possibility.

Types of Alarms that we encounter:


Window / Glass Break

Door ( Front, Rear, Garage)

Computer Room Temperature

System Trouble / Tamper

Unidentified person on site